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10 romantic locations or settings for a memorable romantic date

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Romantic date outings don’t have to cost you a fat pocket to pull off, nor a highbrow location. What’s needed is a careful thought in its planning and execution

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Giving your date a memorable outing does not have to cost you a fortune. You don’t need to foot an expensive vacation, a shopping spree or a private jet trip to Dubai

Impressing a lover on a date has more to do with the excitement of the outing, new experience acquired and loads of fun enjoyed on the outing. So you need to be meticulous in creating a memorable date outing for your partner to wow your date and make her yearn for the next one.

But note that the location or the setting of your date has a lot to do with the takeaway feeling of your date. Hence, you must carefully choose each location/ setting for your dates. There are some particular date locations and settings that would intrigue your lover or partner.

Depending on the interests and character of your partner, your efforts could be a refreshing one-time wonder for her, or a complete waste or worst, total disgust for him/her.

So keep in mind that whichever date location or setting you to decide to use must be suited for the person you wish to impress, especially as it depends on what her idea of fun is.

Here are 10 romantic date locations and ideas to spice up your relationship

  1. A beach or river date: If you happen to live near a river, a lake or the beach, then you should take advantage of the serene environment on a less crowded day for a picnic by the waters. Sit on your mat on the beach sand and watch the waves rise and fall while the sun sets, lighting up the sky with a beautiful reddish hue that’ll make his or her skin glow as it bounces off them. Make sure you have a collection of soulful music to play as the date fly by. An added serenade might be having the date on an island with a boat cruise to and fro the location. A date by the beach/water is a classic romantic one for a reason.
  2. Go to the cinema: The cinema is always a classic date location for dates, especially if a good movie is playing and there is a plan for dinner or drinks afterwards. The growth of Nollywood and the increasing investment in film houses make this a viable options in many capital cities in Nigerian. The unique thing about cinema date is that the movie playing might help set the mood of the date.
cinema hall (courtesy twinwaterslagos)

It is even greater if your date hasn’t seen this particular movie yet, so if you pick the right movie, made around the right theme that appears to convey a message you want to pass along, then the cinema could easily be a thrilling experience to share with a loved one.  And then if you combine the cinema date with a special dinner, your night could be magical. But a note of warning, it is not possible a good choice for a first date as there is a lack of intimacy at the cinema and you might be forced to discuss the film all night long afterwards.

3. Picnic at the city park: If you are on a budget but still want to treat your partner to a nice outing, a day out, picnicking at the park would be a wonderful idea. You get a chance for some fresh air, observe nature and laugh at the silly things you see people, especially children do. You might even try your hands on some of the games, while you enjoy a good home-cooked meal or take-out over a glass of wine.

date in the park (courtesy unsplash.com)

4. A Karaoke Night Out: Music always lifts the soul, but a merry night out with people mouthing to a song while they recite the wrong lyrics to a popular song will make your date forget all the accumulative stress of the week’s work, relax, laugh and enjoy a beautiful night out with you.

5. Comedy shows: Comedy shows are stress-relief as well as an avenue to try and fix a tensing relationship, especially if both are feeling a bit mad with each other as it is practically impossible to stay mad after an evening of belly-aching laughter. It also works fine with a first date because laughing together is the perfect ice breaker, laughing together is a form of intimacy that is mostly built around trust. So without much effort on your end, you can take your relationship one notch higher and bring you two closer together also form a bond, because you have both shared a pleasant experience, and also created a fun memory.

6. Check out a live band: A live band has a similar effect as a comedy show, seeing a band or a musician that you both love perform will have you both singing along to a song you enjoy, this has the same effect as mirroring a person, which is a very effective psychological tool. However, there might not be much chance for talking, unless you find a quieter corner table.

7. Theatre: Unlike the cinema, the theatre brings a nostalgic feeling with it, you also feel exclusive because you are witnessing a play firsthand without all the edits and tricks of a film director. The actors are usually at their bests in theatre plays knowing that there is a live audience out there; with its cheers and jeers.

8. Art Gallery: If your partner is an art lover, and appreciates it, then the art gallery is a perfect date location for you. You get to walk around the gallery and appreciate the masterpieces displayed on the walls, knowing that it took a great deal of effort for the artist to get this far. An interesting thing about a date at the art gallery is that scenes and moods are constantly changing between arts, what you see registers in your mind and most times, determines how you feel, so before you end your tour at the gallery, you and your partner would have been through a roller coaster of feelings and emotions and would be emotionally satisfied by the end of the date.

9. A short road trip: This is a good date idea, but the problem might be the present bad state of the Nigerian road. A road trip is also best if either of you has a car. But you need to plan it well to take the route with the least traffic, gives you the best natural sights, the right rest stops and the restaurant and hotel to lodge in. this is an amazing idea for couples ready to take their relationship to the next level.

10. Go stargazing: If your spouse happens to love nature, then stargazing will be a very thoughtful surprise date for them. To pull off a perfect stargazing date, you will need to choose the right location, where both can spend about an hour together.  Possibly a safe open field or park, where you can lie next to each other, stargazing, and listening to a nice beautiful love song as a magical night winds up.

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